Temperance Liquor-Whips


Liquor Whipped - Vodka infused whipping cream in a can! Yes indeed!

We have taken the great taste of whipping cream and given it a kick by infusing vodka, and then adding flavors that you are sure to love. Perfect for any drink topper, deserts, ice cream, and even great right out of the can. (we say that because we know you will try it) Frozen drinks, coffee, hot chocolate, cakes, pudding - let your imagination run wild! Ok, stop - we know where you’re going next!

Liquor Whipped requires no refrigeration before or during use. Just Shake vigorously before every use. Liquor Whipped can be refrigerated to enjoy cold, will require some additional vigorous shaking.

Liquor Whipped (any flavor) Recipies

Liquor Whipped Caramel Recipies

Liquor Whipped Chocolate Recipies

Liquor Whipped Vanilla Recipies

Liquor Whipped White Chocolate Peppermint Recipies

  • 3 oz. Silk Wine - Chocolate
  • oz. Davenport's American Blended Whiskey
  • 3 oz. Liquor Whipped Caramel
  • Shake with ice, and pour
  • Top with Liquor Whipped Vanilla

Blue MF

Well Liqueur

6th Element Flavored Vodka
Our flavors are like no other!

Davenport’s Whiskey
American Blended, Wildfire Cinnamon and Bourbon

Liquor Gelz
Pre-made, ready to go Gelatin shots.

Liquor Whipped
Vodka infused whipping cream in a can!

Silk Wine
delicate blend of cream, wine, and your favorite flavor

Tolly’s Vanilla Spice, Peanut Butter Cup,
and even Ohio Buckeye Candy